Doing God’s work Peru


Good Friday at Santa Maria Virgen


God is busy!  God has us running!  The growth in the Anglican Church in Peru is occasion for huge celebration and great joy.  In the last eleven plus years under Bishop Bill Godfrey we have seen growth and transformation.  In 1998 we were few.  There were few churches.  Now there are many churches (fifty plus including house churches and mission stations.) The clergy are now mainly Peruvian served and supported by a dozen plus missionaries.  Our ministry has been largely transformed from an expatriate ministry to a Peruvian ministry.  the majority of our churches are found in the “pueblos jovenes.” These are really shanty towns that surround Lima and Arequipa.  Our ministry is extended into towns and villages in Ica, Juliaca and Cabanaconde.  We are developing ministry in Ayacucho and Huancavalica.  Our invitations and opportunities exceed our manpower and abilities.  Such is the challenge of Peru.  Come partner with us.

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