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From Fr. Ian Montgomery:

UK Donations – Contributions may be sent via SAMS UK Ireland

How to contribute in the USA – New for 2018.

In the USA we are transitioning to Missionary Support Services, a 501c3 that specializes in making it easy to donate for the support of mission and missionaries. We will be using their services to direct donations to the Anglican Church of Peru.  For administrative reasons Amigos del Peru is becoming a support organization rather than a means for donating funds to the Anglican Church in Peru. MSS – Missionary Support Services – specializes in making donations easy and conforms to the legal necessities of the IRS rules. They will supply the necessary receipts for tax deduction purposes.

For those wanting to transfer funds directly – usually a parish or diocese – then I can help with the details – please email me –

We have a PayPal option for those who would like to use this method of giving.

Donate to Amigos del Peru via PayPal

The following letter has gone out from Phyllis Farragut this week:   “It is with great joy that we announce a new way for you to continue donating to the Anglican Diocese of Peru and its many projects like the orphanage, Casa Hogar, Clergy Support, Special Projects and the Peru General Fund. Amigos Del Peru has joined Missionary Support Services (“MSS”) to provide a conduit for your contributions so that they are still tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.”

  •                   Donations by check:  All check donations should be made out to Missionary Support Services, and on the memo line write in our MSS code (ADP-54).  If you have wish to designate your donation, include details explaining who, what or where you want the funds applied. Checks should be mailed directly to the MSS, as follows:”

    Missionary Support Services
    Department A
    PO Box 30428
    Charlotte, NC 28230-0428

    In case of any difficulties please write or call Phyllis at:

    Phyllis Farragut
    12344 Scottswood Road
    Frisco, TX 75035

  • Donations by Automatic Draft: Phyllis writes: “I have enclosed the Authorization form that you will fill out and return to MSS by email, Fax or Mail as shown on the form. Amigos Del Peru will not deposit an Automatic Draft in January, so you should submit this form as soon as possible to continue donations beginning in January 2018.”

Here is the form:  I suggest cut and paste in order to print, fax or email.

Authorization of Automatic Draft

To enroll in automatic bank draft, please fill out the information below. Submit to MSS via one of the following:

Scan and email to

Fax to 206-337-2687

Mail to MSS, 3703 Bentley Pl, Waxhaw, NC 28173.


Customer Information:

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________________________________________________

State: _________ Zip Code:____________________ Email: _____________________________________

Phone #: ___________________________________ Phone type (Circle One): Home Mobile Work

Bank Information:

Type of Account (Circle One): Checking Savings

Name on Account: _____________________________________________________________________________

Name of Bank: ________________________________________________________________________________

Bank Routing/Transit: ___________________________________________________________________________

Bank Account #: _______________________________________________________________________________

Missionary/agency name to which payments should be applied:

54 – Amigos del Peru

Provide specific program, if applicable: _____________________________________________________________

Amount of donation for each draft: $_____________________________________________________________

Debit my account (Check one):

Monthly: On the 1st _____ On the 5th _____ On the 15th _____ On the 20th _____

_____ Other/Ad-hoc; please provide details: _________________________________________________________

Date of 1st Donation: ____________________________________________________________________________

Payment Authorization: By signing below, I certify that I am an authorized user of the bank account provided above. As a convenience to me, I hereby request and authorize Missionary Support Services, Inc. [MSS], to initiate the charge to my bank account payable to the order of MSS. I agree that MSS’ rights in respect to each bank draft shall be the same as if it were a check drawn on my bank account and signed by me personally. I also authorize the financial institution to reduce the balance of my bank account by the amount of the bank draft. This authorization will remain in effect until I revoke it in writing at least 20 business days prior to the date the account is scheduled to be charged. I agree that if such charges are not honored, whether with or without cause and whether intentionally or inadvertently, MSS shall have no liability whatsoever.

Authorized Signature (exactly as it appears on the bank account’s records):

Signature: __________________________________________________  Date: ________________________

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