We have a new Bishop – elect

In March the Diocese elected Mike Chapman as assistant missionary bishop.

Fr. Mike Chapman, Bishop elect

Mike and Linda will be joining us in Peru in July of this year.  Mike has had extensive contact with Peru and has worked for even longer with our bishop on mission and teaching trips to Peru and Uruguay.  Mike is a gifted evangelist and teacher.  Linda has a strong ministry of prayer and intercession.  They will be bringing these gifts to Peru and specifically the newly opening up area of Ica and Ayacucho.  Ica is about four hours drive south of Lima.  In 2007 thye suffered a huge earthquake and the Anglican Diocese was there with humanitarian help.  This opened the door to our ministry and we have now a few house churches and property.  At the beginning of this year Padre Misael and Claudia Varillas left their successful ministry in Lima, where they had built two churches in one of our shanty towns.

Misael (seated), Claudia (left), Dn Pastor at Huancavelica

When Claudia and Misael went down for the first time they found that their house had lost its roof.  There was neither water nor electricity and no bathroom.  God then provided an apartment and a vehicle through one of our supporting congregations.  Thanks you God!

Meanwhile Mike this month received the necessary Provincial consents and his consecration is planned for late July.  His job is to be Bishop Evangelist.  It will be a classically apostolic ministry rather than the more modern version of administrator and institutional overseer.  His main task is to open up a whole new area for the Kingdom of God.

Mike comes to us from the Diocese of Albany.  Before Albany he directed  a  discipleship and rescue center in the hills of North Carolina.  It was called the “Holy Way.”  Mike grew up in Puerto Rico and is fluent in Spanish as well as English.

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