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Anglican Church of Peru – Response to Flooding and Landslides across Peru

“Help us to help others”


Plan of Action – 28th March 2017

1.0 Introduction:

During the first months of 2017 the “Niño” phenomenon has brought heavy rains to the IMG_20170327_134636822Andean regions of Peru. This heavy rain has caused landslides and flooding, particularly in areas close to rivers. This has resulted in a huge impact across the country. At present there are at least 85 dead, 118,000 severely affected (with a further 730,000 also directed affected to a lesser degree). 28,000 homes are either severely affected or uninhabitable.[1] With lives lost, homes destroyed and the rains continuing, the video of the escape of a Peruvian woman from a mudslide has become an iconic image of hope in a battered country.[2] The Anglican Church of Peru is now seeking to provide real incarnated hope to those affected by meeting the basic needs of vulnerable and neglected communities.

2.0 Current Situation:

The initial impact of the flooding and landslides has been felt around the country. The main focus for government agencies so far has been the initial relief effort. There is also some planning for long term work to improve the lives of those affected and to be better prepared for any possible similar future events. The relief effort is hampered by the damage to infrastructure. 157,000 homes have been damaged, 159 bridges have collapsed and 1900km of roads have been destroyed.[3] Initial relief efforts have often provided some temporary accommodation and some initial water provision. Individual citizens and non-governmental agencies have provided much food and clothing over the short-term. As this short term help reduces with time and whilst waiting for long term solutions from the local and national government there is a clear need to help those most affected with meeting basic needs (sanitation, food and water and temporary accommodation).



3.0 “Help us to help others” – The Anglican Church of Peru responding the needs of neighbours:

The Anglican Church has visited the affected areas close to Lima, the capital of Peru, and has found that there are small communities of around 75 people that have received an initial help but are now left on their own. Their homes and small businesses have been either destroyed or severely damaged, many losing most of their belongings. Some have received some help with temporary accommodation but some still don’t have this basic need met. There are no toilet facilities provided, increasing health risks. Most have no means of cooking and water supplies are limited. We expect that, as access to other parts of Peru improves, other communities will be found with similar needs.


The Church has formed the “Help us to help others” commission to help meet these needs in communities identified by the church as being in particular need and without significant support from others. By providing tents, mattresses, cookers and pans, food and water plus basic toilet facilities to each identified community the Church will meet their basic needs for a short 1-2 month period to enable the community to recover from the worst effects of the flooding and landslides and to begin to stand on their own two feet. We also aim to help children get back to school at what is the beginning of the school year here in Peru by providing help with school stationery.

BBC Image

4.0 How can you help us to help others?

The cost of providing this type of help to each community of around 75 people for 1-2 months is around US$10,000 (£8,000). We would like to provide this support to a number of communities but will need help to do this. We would value your financial donations and your prayers as we seek to help those in need. Donations can be sent to the Diocesan account.



5.0 Contact

The “Help us to help others” commission is formed of:

Bishop Jorge Aguilar – Diocesan Bishop – President

Rev. Carlos Quispe – Deacon of “Comunión Perú”, the Church’s NGO – Vice President

Rev. David Gonzales – Deacon – General Secretary

Paul Tester – Lay Minister – Finances and Communications

Raul Taipe – Lay Minister – Volunteer Coordinator


For more details please contact Paul Tester

Telephone: +51 1 2732721

Cel: +51 990919306

E-mail: paulandsarahinlima@hotmail.com

[1] http://elcomercio.pe/sociedad/peru/coen-aumentan-cifras-damnificados-y-afectados-lluvias-noticia-1978834 – El Comercio 24th March 2017

[2] www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-39295855 – BBC website – 16th March 2017

[3] www.esan.edu.pe/conexion/actualidad/2017/03/22/nino-costero-impacto-economia-peruana/ – ESAN website – 22nd March 2017

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