Water Project – San Mateo School, Lima


I am shameless about having a love affair with this school.  The school’s mantra is “San Mateo te ama.  That is found on their shirts and jackets.  Not only do they love you but it is impossible not to love the school, its teachers and its children.  I have been visiting there since 2008 and am dedicated to helping them grow and thrive. To be a spiritual force in the community.  To make disciples among the students and staff, and to invigorate the life of the Anglican Diocese of Peru.

Last year I had the opportunity its to work with a missionary colleague and our Rotary club in Lima, Lima Sunrise.  One of our club’s ministries has for many years been to provide home water filters to people living in shanty town areas and who are plagued by problems with unsafe water.   The club recently was able to decisive a grant from Rotary International to make six permanent installations of water purification equipment is chosen locations.  One of these is San Mateo School in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima.  the area, known as SJL, is Peru’s most populous district, with a current population that may have exceeded one million.  It is hot, dusty, polluted and many Limeños refuse to go there, regarding it as too dangerous.  It was a perfect place to establish an Anglican School as we want to reach the poor and underprivileged.

We tested the water at the school and found it to be dangerous to drink.  With the help of a companion Anglican parish – Grace Anglican of Fleming Island FL – we  have been able to build the walls for an equipment room on top of our new classroom tower.  You can see part of that construction in the photo below.



I am now in the process of raising funds to complete this structure.  It needs a concrete roof upon which will stand the water tanks which are to supply potable water to the kitchen and water fountains.  We like gravity feed!

The system to be installed will use two particulate filters and one bacteria destroying filter – probably using ultra violet.  Through the ministry of Living Waters International a team is coming from San Gabriel in California to bring the equipment and install it.  They are visiting this September to survey the exact needs of the site and then hope to install in April of 2018.  

Meanwhile I am raising funds to finish the space for the purification structure.  Below is a photo of the estimate – I summarize below.  Please note that the best option is a full concrete roof – the currency quoted is in Peruvian Nuevos Soles.  The Dollar equivalent is alongside at the current rate of exchange – S/.3.24 = $1.IMG_2508 5

  • Concrete roof – labor and materials – S/. 9,700.  $2,994
  • Mortar finish (like plastering but with mortar) to walls, ceiling and roof – labor and materials. Plus conduit, electric outlets and plumbing  – S/. 4,300. $1,327
  • Install Work surfaces, (two)sinks, tiling walls and floor – labor and materials – S/. 7,550. $2,330

This gives a total of $6,651, of which I have raised $1,800.

I am now making appeals where and when I am able and hope to raise the funding so that the work can be completed before the team come in April 2018.

Funds can be sent to Amigos del Peru – 4550 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024.        


Please note that this is for Montgomery Water Project.  There is a fund in Lima designated for this project.

Bless you and thank you – Ian

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