Reflections on my visits to Peru in February and April 2017

Peru this last two visits has been very exciting. The first was with multiple visitors as well as leading a teacher retreat at San Mateo School.  What a joy – all talks in Spanish!  The teachers lighted up as they were able to share their joys, pains and hopes.  They will be admirable leaders in June when I return with a team to support them at the Bible School.  Our visitors from the Diocese of South Carolina (ACNA) have made commitments to partnerships in both Lima and Arequipa.  I love to see these relationships happen. God is so good!

This last trip also involved finding out how to help the suffering that has come from the March floods – a massive natural disaster mostly in the north of the country.  It will take a decade to recover and billions of dollars to rebuild both homes, roads, and new protective structures.  Our Anglican response has been to set up a disaster relief group that is committed to support twenty families for three months in Carapongo.  Carapongo images 

This is a measured and realistic response and deserves as much support as we can give. Check this link too for my earlier article. earlier AdP article

I returned from my last visit just after Easter.  I have waited these last several days so as to incorporate a digest of decisions by the Peruvian Anglican Synod.


To back up a tad. Last year was very busy with five visits over the course of the year. Tickets were booked when events were announced and twice these events were cancelled which left me a choice – pay the change fee with the airline or go anyway. I went anyway and was blessed to be able to participate in the momentous changes currently underway in the Iglesia Anglicana del Perú.


In 2015 Bishop Godfrey announced his retirement in 2016 and to that end three Peruvians were consecrated as bishops. The goal was to develop four Peruvian Dioceses as the basis for an eventual Anglican Province of Peru. In early 2016 there were to have been two more bishops. Neither the Anglican Communion Office, nor the Anglican Province of South America signed off on this plan. In April 2016 Bishop Jorge became diocesan bishop and in late May Bishop Godfrey returned to England for a well-deserved retirement. In June the last SAMS-USA missionaries left Peru. Anglican Peru then started to assimilate the change.

crozier to +Jorge

With the change of leadership the connections with the English-speaking world also changed. Some long standing partnerships faded away. Some partner parishes or Dioceses took a wait and see attitude. My several visits turned into opportunities to encourage the new leadership as well as to seek ways to develop new relationships while seeing what could be renewed of the old relationships.

In late November the Diocese produced a “State of the Diocese of Peru” report.

VCF Informe Adviento 2016 title


You can read it and Bishop Aguilar’s pastoral response here – VCF informe y carta pastoral

This year my visits were focused on the following: leading a retreat for teachers and training teachers to be Bible School leaders, having a face-to-face visit with the new Presiding Bishop of the Province – Bishop Greg Venables of Argentina, and visiting with teams from the Diocese of Worcester (England), Springfield, USA (TEC), teams from ACNA churches (two) in South Carolina, and Florida (one).

The session about the goals of the Diocese

Since the three Peruvian bishops were ordained in September 2015, two have left. One has taken a leave of absence and is unlikely to return. The other has resigned his ministry. Bishop Aguilar remains the Diocesan Bishop with two Vicarios, each to cover the regions of Huancayo and Arequipa. There is no oversight in the north, so the ministry in Chiclayo/Cajamarca has ended. Though two were nominated to become area bishops last year, the synod has withdrawn its request for approval from the Province. The plan to become a new province of the Anglican Communion has been dropped completely. The Diocese and its leaders are working closely with the Anglican Province of South America to re-form and focus on discipleship, bible teaching, evangelism and Anglican Identity.

I am thrilled to serve in Peru through these visits.  My role has been one of encouragement, seeking to create new links with our English Speaking Anglican world.  I can report what God is doing as well as participate.  Of particular joy is the blessing and encouragement of Bishop Greg Venables, our new Primate.  To have his blessing and covering is huge.  God is so good!

The following is the digest of the 2017 Synod at the end of April:

Como estaba previsto, con la bendición de Dios, el viernes 21 (6 .00 a 9.00 pm) y el sábado 22 (9.00 am a 4.00 pm) de abril, se realizó el Sínodo Nacional de la Iglesia Anglicana del Perú (IAP). Entre los acuerdos más importantes que se tomaron, destacamos:

  • La decisión unánime de la Asamblea Sinodal de RECONOCER AL OBISPO DIOCESANO JORGE LUIS AGUILAR OCAMPO COMO PRESIDENTE DE LA ASOCIACIÓN DE LA IGLESIA ANGLICANA DEL PERÚ, que es nuestra condición legal de existencia ante el Estado Peruano, como entidad religiosa.
  • SE ELIGIERON A LOS NUEVOS INTEGRANTES DEL CONSEJO DIRECTIVO DIOCESANO –CDD (por los próximos dos años) que junto con el Obispo Diocesano, en su condición de presidente de la Asociación, tendrán la responsabilidad de la gestión administrativo-legal de la Iglesia Anglicana del Perú. El nuevo CDD queda conformado así:

– Presidente: Obispo Jorge Luis Aguilar

– Vicepresidente: Rev. Julio Montoya

– Tesorero: Rev. Ricardo Vergara.

– Secretario: Rev. Jerry Acosta.

– Vicario General: Rev. Juan Carlos Marces.

– Vocal clérigo: Rev. Misael Varillas

– Vocal clérigo: Rev. Carlos Quispe.

– Vocal clérigo: Rev. Rubén Mancilla.

– Vocal laico: Gloriosa Aguilar.

– Vocal laico: Diego Terrazos.

– Vocal laico: Paul Tester.

  • La aceptación de la RENUNCIA DE LOS INTEGRANTES DEL VICARIATO DE CHICLAYO-CAJAMARCA a seguir perteneciendo a la Iglesia Anglicana del Perú. A partir de ahora, dicho Vicariato ya no formará parte de nuestra Iglesia.
  • El acuerdo de dar una NUEVA OPORTUNIDAD Y UN RENOVADO APOYO A LOS INTEGRANTES DEL VICARIATO DE HUANCAYO, para fortalecer su vinculación con la iglesia Anglicana del Perú y profundizar su identidad anglicana.
  • Se decidió CONSTITUIR TRES COMISIONES DIOCESANAS: CÁNONES, LITURGIA Y FORMACIÓN. Que tendrán la tarea, respectivamente, de revisar y actualizar los cánones diocesanos, revisar y adecuar los rituales (especialmente el de la Santa Cena o Eucaristía) y proveer recursos de formación (teológica, bíblica, pastoral, espiritual, etc.) al clero y a las comunidades de fe de nuestra Iglesia.
  • Siguiendo la lógica del anterior acuerdo, se decidió RETIRAR ANTE LA PROVINCIA ANGLICANA DE SUDAMÉRICA LA SOLICITUD DE NUEVOS OBISPOS SUFRAGÁNEOS. En consecuencia, queda sin efecto el proceso de los “Obispos Electos”.
  • Se resolvió, igualmente, DESACTIVAR DEFINITIVAMENTE EL LLAMADO “ORDINARIATO”. Nuestro Obispo Diocesano anunció que, más adelante, cuando termine la moratoria para nuevas ordenaciones o admisiones de pastores o clérigos provenientes de otras iglesias, se conformará nuevamente la CEMO (Comisión Episcopal de Ministerios y Ordenaciones), una opción propiamente anglicana.
  • Se acordó elegir como NUEVO CANCILLER DIOCESANO (POR LOS PRÓXIMOS DOS AÑOS) AL REV. JUAN MARCOS AYALA, presbítero del Vicariato de Arequipa de nuestra Iglesia.

Taken from the Cathedral bulletin April 30, 2017



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