eNoticias – October 2011

Sagrada Familia, Arequipa, DEDICATED and ready.
On Saturday October 8, Bishop Godfrey dedicated the newly rebuilt Casa Hogar (orphanage).  This magnificent project has created a wonderful facility that is the centerpiece of our commitment to orphans.  We believe passionately that the Gospel calls us to social transformation.

Happy with their new home!

Thanks to the sacrificial giving of people in England, Wales, the USA and Peru, this ministry has a new beginning.

Bishop Godfrey in "blessing mode."

The younger children will move in at the end of the school year.  The older children have already moved in.  The rooms are being furnished and the kitchen renovated and equipped.

The new Sagrada Familia from the road

Kym at the dedication

New Missionaries
Welcome to Kym McDaniel (SAMS-USA) and Suzanne Irvine (CMS-GB)

Suzanne at Santiago Apostol

who are both serving in Arequipa.  Also welcome to Mary Brown, Charlotte Bull, Heidi Elkington, all CMS-GB, and Robert Tansey (SAMS-USA), all of whom are short term or coming for a gap year.
San Felipe, Cabanaconde.  Chapel consecrated
On October 12, 2011, Bishop Godfrey consecrated the new chapel for the mission in Cabanaconde. The celebration was attended by over 150 local people, including the mayor of Cabanaconde. Joining the current mission center of dorms, kitchen and meeting room, the stone chapel sits on the southern edge of the Colca Canyon, eleven thousand feet above the Colca River. This stunning location is served by Padre Alejandro and Deacon Justo. Their ministry extends beyond Cabanaconde to neighboring villages which are often a two day hike down and across the Colca Canyon.  San Felipe is partnered with St. Phillip’s Church in Frisco, Texas, a church which regularly sends teams of parishioners each year.

San Felipe from the south west

Judith Godfrey "directs" the cleaning operation

Deacon Maria leads the procession

The gathered clergy showing their flower tiaras and corn necklaces to demonstrate God's abundant provision

Missions conference – Theology Shaping Mission.

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali

January 14/15, 2012, Lima, Peru.
The Saints Augustine Seminary of the Anglican Diocese of Peru is pleased to announce the creation of a new annual theological lecture series, The John H. Heidt Theological Lectures, in memory of the late canon theologian of the Diocese of Fort Worth. Canon John Heidt was a dear friend of the Diocese of Peru and an occasional guest professor of the seminary.
Bishop Nazir Ali, former bishop of Rochester, England, will be the featured speaker at this year’s conference. He is currently president of the Oxford Centre for training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue.
The lecture series is part of a conference co-sponsored by the Saints Augustine Seminary and Nashotah House Seminary of Wisconsin, USA. The scope of these evening lectures covers a variety of missiological perspectives in biblical, historical, systematic, cultural and practical theologies.  Mornings and afternoons will be spent in ministry in Lima, with local clergy and leaders.  The purpose of the conference is to begin to lay a theological and practical foundation to help church leaders grasp their role in developing, sending and supporting missionaries at home and abroad.  To enroll please follow this link: http://www.nashotah.edu/academics/ephiphany-term/lima-peru/general-information/registration-and-forms/
Our ministry continues through the support of committed Christians around the world.  Their sacrificial support is amazing and is bearing much fruit.  We give thanks for every person, congregation and Diocese that partners with us.
Please, if you are not one of these saints, do join us and partner with us in God’s work here in Peru.

Contributions may be sent to:
USA – Amigos del Peru.  14881 Quorum Dr., Suite 125, Dallas, TX 75254
UK – Diocese of Peru, c/o Mr. Patrick Mackie, 4 Croft Rise, East Bridgford, Nottingham NG13 8PS

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  1. Hello Father,
    Just want to let you know that I like your people and their Faith. How beautiful! Father, a few years ago a very nice and holy priest visited Mother Angelica,and he was from Huanclavelica. as well. Do you happen to know his address,or his e-mail? I would like to write to him,and ask him for prayers. He may have been a Bishop,but I’m not sure. I do remember he was very tall,had a good srnse of humor,played a banjo and sang. I’ll wait for your respond May God bless Us All! Sincerely, Lydia S. Saenz from Corpus Christi, Tx. U.S.A.

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