Sagrada Familia orphanage dedicated

Sagrada Familia, Arequipa with Misty in the background

On October 8, 2011, Bishop Godfrey dedicated the newly rebuilt orphanage, Sagrada Familia in Arequipa.  Attending were teams from Plano and Frisco, Texas as well as a group from Lima.  During the dedication we honored the late Fr. Ron Robertson whose ministry and vision were such a part of the orphanage.  Bishop Godfrey commended the board of the Casas Hogares whose work had enabled the budget to stretch from one floor to two.  There is even an option for a third floor which will feature a chapel and workshops as well as further solar water heating.

It is anticipated that the children will move in before Christmas which is the end of our school year here in Peru.  Work is in hand to combine the children from San Jose orphanage into this facility.  We will need to keep some separation between the teens and the younger children.

The final work will be to install furniture and to upgrade the kitchen.

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