Sagrada Familia, Arequipa – roofed already!

Sunset behind the new roof

This weekend , March 19-21, 2011, we are blessed with the completion of the roof on the second floor at the Sagrada Familia orphanage in Arequipa.  Deacon Juan Marcos Ayala chairs the directorio of our orphanages in Arequipa and has achieved the nearly impossible.  He has been able to achieve more with less!  We are speaking of fund management.  The funds have generously been provided, mostly from the USA and England, for the building and maintaining of this important ministry.  Many thanks to all who have contributed.  Your generosity has made “concrete” the vision for our ministry to these children in Arequipa.  Please do not stop.  Bishop Godfrey added, as a comment, this good news: “Deacon Juan Marcos Ayala is to be ordained priest in the Cathedral in Lima on 30th April…”


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3 responses to “Sagrada Familia, Arequipa – roofed already!

  1. Bishop

    Deacon Juan Marcos Ayala is to be ordained priest in the Cathedral in Lima on 30th April…

  2. cathy dahlstrom

    So pleased to see the project progresses. Praise God for the blessing of those hands which have both worked to build and prayed for the building of this needed facility.
    I will continue to pray.

    Please thank the Chapmans for their presentation in Sidney New York. Cathy Dahlstrom

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