Sagrada Familia – Arequipa orphangage grows apace

The construction at Sagrada Familia is continuing at a rapid pace.  For a long while the critical work was on the foundations.  This week I have been visiting Arequipa for an Alpha leadership training course being led by a team from Christ Church, Denver, Colorado.  I wanted to see how much had been achieved since the last team visited for construction work last fall.  The images are here in our eNoticias.

How much has been done in the last three months!

This is where we are today.  On the first floor they have erected a very strong retaining walThe shell of the first floor is nearing completionl as the sillar blocks were not strong enough to stand against the pressure of the earth.  The foundations go down one and a half meters.  There are now three dormitories, a large bath room, a large teaching space and a tutor room.  Also erected is the extension of the dining and recreation area (eventually the wall between will be taken down).  There is a large open area where there will be stairs to the eventual second floor.  In mid February another team from Christ Church, Plano, Texas is coming for another week of construction.

Ricardo and Deacon Juan, who chairs the board of the Casas Hogares

The arched style is traditional for Arequipa.  Behind the arches is a broad walkway and behind that are the rooms, all of which will look out onto the courtyard.

On every construction site there is a cross of flowers. We have three!

The sectional design for both floors

View of the recreation area roof plus the class room, tutor´s room, dorms and bath room

It is a construction site and this will be a gorgeous courtyard

Dorm floor being laid

Polly looks into the class room as Juan and Ricardo explain

Misty - the volcano that is still active and soars behind Arequipa

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One response to “Sagrada Familia – Arequipa orphangage grows apace

  1. Bishop

    Fr Ian.
    This is wonderful. Thank you to all those who are making it possible… and thank you for the report.
    Love and prayers,
    Bishop Bill

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