Chapman update from Ica and Ayacucho

If the format looks a tad odd then it is because I have converted a .pdf file through scanning into a series of photos of the pages so as to get them online on the Amigos del Peru site – keep praying.

Please continue supporting the work of the Anglican Diocese of Peru with your giving.  It makes all the difference.

God is powerfully at work here – Ian Montgomery+


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3 responses to “Chapman update from Ica and Ayacucho

  1. cathy dahlstrom

    I have had the pleasure of your presentation last night, at St. Paul’s, Sidney N.Y. I am praying for you and God’s plan for your work. I pray for Linda and am impressed with her support of the ission and God’s call on her life.
    Please keep me informed of you mission and how I might help. For now i continue to pray for you both.
    I would like more information on the children’s home I read about on some of the web pages I saw.
    Your sister in Christ Cathy Dahlstrom. Peace of the Lord.

  2. My husband and I recently visited Lima and Arequipa to see our 19-year-old son Christopher, now helping with youth work at Christo Redentor and the Arequipa children’s home school soon.

    Your blog gave me a window to more that God’s doing in Peru. Thank you. I want to learn more about the Chapmans.

    • frianm

      Thanks Lois.

      I saw you briefly at the back of my class he other Monday and was sorry not to be able to chat and spend time. Christopher is a delight and blessing to have here in Peru. Be proud parents! I suggest you subscribe to the blog to my updates re the Chapmans and I will forward your comment on to them for their direct response. Many blessings – Ian

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