Mission Team news, and more

We follow the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night. God's "pillar" over Mision Santiago Apostol in Arequipa

Arequipa is being flooded with mission teams at the moment – how wonderful.

I received an email this morning (Nov 12)  from Gloria Johnson.  Gloria and Sandy are SAMS missionaries working in Arequipa.

Gloria Johnson writes – “Yes, we are crazy busy with teams.  The one from Minneapolis came this morning at 5:40 AM! The final team that will also be working out at San Lucas school all next week is from St. Mark’s Cathedral, Minneapolis.  Their leader is Canon Richard Norman.”

San Lucas school - classroom construction, just before the teams this month.

“The team from Church of the Redeemer, Irving, TX, finish up today working at the San Lucas school .  Their ministry is a mix of construction, Godly Play, and nurse consultations.   The leader is Fr. Steve Danzey.  They leave tomorrow.”

San Lucas school

“During October and November we  have had four teams (plus Susan Kerr and Cinde Rawn from Christ Church, Plano and Threads of Hope) back to back.”

“After the St. Philip’s visit to Cabanaconde, the next construction team was from Christ Church Plano and did a LOT of hard work on the new dormitory at Sagrada Familia.  Sandy put up a blog with LOTS of pictures, actually a day-by-day account, (see the casashogares blog).”

“We’re excited beacuse it looks like it is coming together for a group from Christ Church, Denver (one of our supporting churches), to come to Southern Peru for an Alpha training in mid-January.  We’re trying to get a meeting lined up with a visitor from the Diocese of Florida  in early February about Cursillo, and then the Roof Dogs arrive later in February.  Never a dull moment!”

Naty and Nestor (ministro laico) leading worship at Santiago Apostol, Arequipa

“We are wrapping up our follow-up Bible study on the Maria Magdalena film tomorrow.  The girls from Sagrada Familia Orphanage have been regular attendees as well as another 5-6 ladies from San Lucas Church.  Naty and I want to keep the momentum going and start an “Experiencing God” study in December.”

Meanwhile in Lima the Diocese is hosting a healing mission and teaching.  More news next blog!

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