Fr. Marvin Bowers (Board member) writes

I came down to Arequipa for the month of September to fill in at St Augustine’s Seminary in the absence of Fr Ron Robertson who is back in the States due to illness.  The students did a lot of reading and writing in preparation for a month of fairly intense classes and I’m proud of all of them.  A very special THANK YOU to the rector, vestry and faithful of St John’s Anglican Church, Petaluma, whose generous gift made this “extra” trip possible.

The first of the attached photos is of the seminarians and me singing a hymn during the Sunday Eucharist at Cristo Redentor, Vallecito.

Seminarians and me singing a hymn during the Sunday Eucharist at Cristo Redentor, Vallecito

The hymn has been the theme song of this visit and here is my rough translation:

From the farthest east
to the heights of the Andes;
from the Caribbean islands
to the frozen seas,
the sweet voice sounds
ceaselessly, filling
the souls of men
with peace and joy.

The shadow of error
is disappearing.
A splendid Light
spreads Its brilliance,
announcing to all people
the forgiveness of sin
by the despised One
who died on the Cross.

Carry the Gospel
to country side and cities.
Preach to all people
the goodness of Christ.
We proclaim to everyone
the news of joy and peace.
Our zeal is to prove
our love for the Truth.  Amen

Again, I am very proud of all the seminarians.

Wilda, one taken at her home last February when she was recovering from surgery after a terrible injury to her leg

Wilda with her mother, Deacon Juan and me last Sunday after Mass at Santiago Apostol. It brought tears to my eyes to see her walking

Sunday School children at Santiago Apostol, Villa Ecologia, receiving a blessing

Deacon Juan Ayala, director Pedro Huamani, me, and the young people from Casa Hogar Sagrada Familia after Sunday Mass at San Lucas, Zamacola

God’s joy and peace to all,


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