On the road again – Texas

Fr. Ron and Vicki, Fr. Allen and Rachel, and me in Plano, TX

This week I arrived in Dallas, Texas from San Diego.  After a day of changed flights due initially to a broken undercarriage I arrived a day late but safe and a tad richer in travel vouchers for future trips.  What a joy it has been to worship at Christ Church, Plano.   As you can see from the above photo I am joined by Ron and Vicki Robertson.  Ron was given until March to live and here he is in July.  What a trooper!  All is not well but he and Vicki take a day at a time.  They were able to visit in Arizona this month.  We worshiped together.  Allen celebrated and now he and Rachel, John and James are off to Nashotah House for summer school.

Yesterday and today I have been holding meetings to finalize paperwork for the 501c3 for submission to the IRS.  We now have a full board.  Meanwhile I have set up a return visit to St. Matthew’s Cathedral where Fr. Kevin Martin is the Dean.  I shall preach and present Sunday October 24 and then we will hold a “Friends of Peru” gathering that evening.  I held wonderful meetings with folk from two more churches before meeting again with Susan Kerr and Fr. David Roseberry.

Fr. David tells me that I am now officially a missionary from Christ Church – that is a GREAT privilege and honor.

This coming week-end I travel to London for family reasons but will be spending time with SAMS/CMS in Oxford as well as meeting Bishop Godfrey in London.

God is so good!

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