On the road – Coronado, CA

Bishop Godfrey and I visited Christ Church, Coronado, CA this last weekend.  It was the first of our road trips to develop relationships and to raise support in the USA for the Diocese of Peru.  Fr Edward and Teresa Harrison have been friends for  several years, having met in Cuba and then visited in Jacksonville, Florida where Fr. Edward was dean of the cathedral.  Teresa Harrison is a very accomplished icon painter/writer and teacher.

Bishop Godfrey preached with great effect about the fact that we were all missionaries if we were Christians.  One person remarked that it was “the best long sermon they had heard!”  Actually not that long and it certainly was riveting.

Together we made a presentation to the Adult forum about God’s work in Peru through the Anglican Church.  It was very well received.  In fact Fr. Edward asked for a copy of the presentation so as to share further in the congregation.  I am hoping to return later in the year, so as to develop the relationship there.  What a wonderful and lively, energetic congregation!  While there I was delighted to meet again with Chuck and Jo-Ann Howe.  Church continues to serve on the board of Faith Alive, on whose board I used to serve.

During the afternoon the four of us went to visit the open house of artist and architect James Hubbell.

Frs. Edward and Ian, Bishop Godfrey at the Hubbell chapel

James is a deeply Christian man whose art an architecture show a harmony between God and nature.  He seeks peace amidst conflict.  To that end he is developing a Pacific Rim Park Project that seeks to build parks around the Pacific rim where there is or has been conflict.  Bishop Godfrey suggested one in the area between Peru and Chile – James was interested.  We shall see what emerges.

In debriefing this visit I am reminded that Amigos del Peru is really about relationships.  It is not simply about money.  Relationships are precious, among Christians they are eternal.  In relationships we are co-servants of Christ.  We are privileged to help each other and support each other.  We share our resources together.  I was struck today in my quiet time with some words of a wise old preacher.

“Some give like sponges – only when they are squeezed. Some give like Moses’ rock – only when they are hit. True Christians, however, give like the honeysuckle – because they delight to give.” (Charles Harthern)

Bishop Godfrey, Fr. Edward and Teresa

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