Bishop elect Mike Chapman “sent forth” by the Diocese of Albany

This weekend – June 11-13, 2010 Fr. Mike Chapman was officially “sent forth” from the Diocese of Albany.  Fr. Mike has been pastoring in Troy, New York and at the end of June will complete his ministry there.  In July he and Linda will move to Peru to begin their ministry in the Ica/Ayacucho area as Suffragan Bishop.  Fr. Mike’s gift is of evangelism and disciple making.  He is a gifted speaker and teacher and these are the gifts needed.  Fr. Mike grew up in Puerto Rico, his father is Cuban.  He is a good fit and much loved in Peru already.  The consecration date is not yet set. but we are hoping for September 2010.


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In these photos Mike is being prayed for and congratulated by Bishop Love, diocesan of Albany, his predecessor Bishop Herzog and visiting Archbishop Gomez of the province of the West Indies.  If they had changed the words Mike might already have been consecrated as it takes three bishops to make one!  We will wait and be patient.

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