Missionary regions of Peru – Diocesan Vision

We envision six regions.  Currently we minister from Lima, Ica and Arequipa.  These areas represent: Lima, the region east and south of Lima, and the area in the south, bordered by Chile and Bolivia.  Our plan is to minister to the north of Lima based in Trujillo and then further north on both sides of the Andes.  For Ica/Ayacucho, south central Peru, we have elected a new missionary bishop evangelist – Mike Chapman, who will arrive in early July with  his wife Linda.


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5 responses to “Missionary regions of Peru – Diocesan Vision

  1. Rachel

    Great map!!

  2. David

    Great start. I’m very excited to see how God will use you for His Glory and the benefit of the people of Peru.

    Thanks for your ministry there…


  3. jesseosmun

    Good Luck.. that’s a vast area to cover.

    • frianm

      This is the vision – one of six dioceses led by Peruvian bishops and clergy. The plan is one that covers 40 years and thus extends beyond my and Bishop Godfrey’s lifetimes. It is also a vision that will be rechecked as it is prayed over during the years ahead. We believe that the vision is from God. What God wants must be our goal to work towards.
      Blessings – Ian

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